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Friday, 28 June 2013

Geekview: White House Down


It's Lewis and I am reviewing the new movie, White House down

It's an overall amazing movie that keeps you in your seat.

It is not a sci-fi movie but has the elements to be just as good as your favourite alien movies. It took place in present time at the White House. There are a lot of thrilling explosions and A LOT of guns.
It has very heroic and smart main characters. It was an interesting plot with amazing build ups (maybe even better than what they built up to). It was not too scary for kids. Totally fine if you are 12ish (if you excuse the language). It was a thrilling movie with a bunch of action scenes but they broke it up so you were not torn apart by loud noises. The beginning was interesting and intimidating but the real scares were during the middle.  I am happy to say there were no gory scenes (few!), only some poorly directed gun shots.

There WAS though, hostages, airplanes falling out of the sky, loud noises, fire, explosives, highly powerful weapons (and A LOT of them, basically at least 4 in each scene), government stuff, and brave people.

I was happy to see first world things including YOUTUBE! I loved the connection between John Cale and his daughter.

It may not be your typical geeky movie but it is really fun for everyone!

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